How I See the World by Robert Wasilewski

About Me

Me in the early days with my first “real” camera

My interest in photography came at a very young age, almost my entire family were photographers and videographers long before the age of digital. Back then I really didn’t have a clue about what I was doing or a real direction but I took photos of nearly everything, only 40 years later would I truly come to appreciate those memories that were captured when a 4th grader bringing a camera to school was unheard of. As I got older I started becoming very drawn towards the outdoors and places untouched by human development, photography started becoming a way to take a piece of that home with me and share with others. A bit later, I sacrificed my bedroom in favor of a full darkroom, seeing images emerge in the trays was just an amazing experience and one I’ll never forget.

Where I feel most at home

Fast forward another 20 years and the age of digital cameras came into my world and I’ve been enjoying it ever since. Today I enjoy many facets of photography and most importantly I enjoy sharing those images with others. I truly prefer being out shooting over editing photos or in the case now creating a website but I really needed a “home” base for my social media links and a place where new friends can learn a bit about me and see some of the world through my eyes. Browse my galleries here and definitely give me a shout on facebook where I post quite regularly and participate in discussion.

Robert Wasilewski

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